Five top tips for moving in together

On the 29th March this year we were lucky enough for the opportunity to rise to live together after it being in conversation for a few months prior. Any of you that have started to live with your partner will come to realise that there is a lot more to it than just that. You pack up your whole bedroom (because that’s where we all live out) and lug it to your new home, LOTS of sorting and throwing out, discussing finances, agreeing on colour schemes, furniture and accessories, learning to compromise (which I’m terrible at) and just realising that you are going to be living out of one another’s pockets F O R E V E R (hopefully)!

Now we are almost 5 months in to renovating, living amongst the chaos and both still very much alive (thank god) I’ve come to realise just how much time, money and planning goes into running/starting up a home.

My top tips;

1. I did actually do this one because I’m so anally organised but I advice you create yourself an expensively spread sheet. Input all your outgoings (phone bill, Netflix etc) so you know how much you are able to spend of rent/mortgage/bills and so forth before making an offer or signing the contract to know exactly where your penny pieces are going. We also put our rough estimate for our food shop each week on ours as we were already buying our own food before being roomies. I think what was really important about this is pooling your money together, living together is like a partnership (we are basically married now right??) so I don’t see the logic in having all your money to yourself and your partner doing the same personally. I’ve found that by pooling our money together we are so much more better off, we still ensure we have a set amount a month each all to ourselves but we worked that out after all the outgoings and savings were deducted.

2. We didn’t really have the opportunity to sift through our belongs as the opportunity arise and we just jumped at it, however, my second recommendation would be to sort sort sort. Nothing worse than clutter when you are trying to rip the house apart or decorate. The amount of skip trips, charity shop runs and buy and sell posts we have done is unreal, could have easily been halved if everything was sorted prior to us taking on number 19 as our own. A place for everything and everything in its place for sure, if you haven’t looked for it for the last however many weeks/months do you really need it? It’s just gathering dust hun, bun in!

3. COMPROMISE! Now this was a tricky one for me as I’m quite openly a spoilt brat. I joke, but I have an idea I just want to go with it so you can image my despair when I had to consider what Will liked or didn’t liked about my ideas. In fairness we are on similar pages regarding furniture, themes etc so there haven’t been many occasions where we have had to compromise and there has only been a handful of times where one of us (usually me) have stormed out of shops because of the disagreements. My advice would be to discuss ideas and listen to each other, it’s no good you going all guns blazing on your ideas as it’s their house too.

4. Save more money than you think you’ll need. We originally thought we’d be able to do everything ourselves and on a pretty low budget but it isn’t always the case. Money takes ages to accumulate but can be gone in a flash, so as much as you can yourself and when getting contractors in get a few quotes before committing.

5. My top hack has got to be second hand furniture! Facebook marketplace, shpock, gumtree you name it I’ve search on it! I can imagine some people take the Michael on there I’m not saying but everyone I’ve bought off have been great and what I’ve had have been practically brand new for more than half the price! My favourite buys have got our kitchen light which is still in next now retailed at £90 I believe and we paid £40 for it because the couple were moving house and it didn’t go with the colour scheme, like what?! We also had a wicker peacock chair for our guest room for £10, some of them are priced extortionately high I the one we bought was prices at £70/£80, what a steal!